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Ácido Hialurónico DM.Cell



Suero de alta concentración que contiene ácido hialurónico de alta pureza. No irrita la piel, apto para todo tipo de pieles, incluso las más sensibles. Es un suero con ácido hialurónico, agua de rosas y levadura como componentes principales, que ayuda a la formación de colágeno.


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How to use: It must be applied by a professional, ideal for use with Derma pen (MTS machine) or Hydra pen.


Rose water – excellent source of hydration, soothing, improves skin texture, adjusts PH
Water from tea tree leaf: sterilizes skin, relieves intense stimuli, antioxidant
Sodium hyaluronate – attracts 1000 times more moisture for Assist Collagen
Synthesis Ski Radiated Fermented Karomises: Antioxidant, Moisture Supply, Improved Skin Elasticity Niacinamide Skin
Kimchi Root Extract-Helps cell proliferation by activating cytokines between the skin
Extract peony root – calms and reduces skin fever
Yellow skin extract – rejuvenation and acne removal
Ginkgo biloba extract – removes skin through anti-aging and antioxidant effects

Volume: 1 box of 6 ampoules (6ml each)

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